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This document sets out the Terms and Conditions you need to be aware of when using Motherhood Village website, social media sites and when using my services. Please take a moment to read them, as they set out your important rights and obligations. When you visit these sites, use my services, or purchase my products, you agree that you are over the age of 18 and willing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you don’t accept this agreement, you should not continue to visit these sites or purchase from me.

All products and services advertised are offered in compliance with Australian Consumer Law.

General Disclaimer

On Motherhood Village sites you will find information on pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and postpartum mental health. This information is provided solely for the purpose of imparting knowledge and education.

Please be aware that the information and services I provide are not a substitute for professional medical attention, examination, diagnosis, treatment, or advice. You are responsible for consulting a medical professional before using any of the information or materials contained or accessed through these sites, before commencing any new regimes, making alterations to your diet, trying any treatment, or taking any course of action that may directly or indirectly affect your health or wellbeing.

Any testimonials and promised results I may display on these sites are based on my experience and those of my previous clients. They are not guarantees that anyone else will achieve the same results. I do not guarantee any specific results.

I expect you to take responsibility for your own your health and wellbeing, using your common sense and knowledge of your own personal circumstances to consider the information and advice offered on these sites. You take full responsibility and risk for making any decision based on information on our sites or in using my services (including any online materials, consulting, coaching, programs, sessions, products, and all goods and services that may be accessed through my sites from time to time). You hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims you may have now or in the future against me and I take no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any loss, damage or injury that may arise from any person acting on any statement or information contained on this website and all such liabilities are expressly disclaimed.

I expect you to contact me if you have any questions about the information, services, products  that I offer. Again, all information is provided for the purpose of imparting knowledge and educating.

It is your responsibility to take into account any food allergies, sensitivities, or intolerances when reading information about the food I offer and deciding to purchase my products. If you’re unsure of any ingredients or methods, it’s up to you to enquire by sending an email to

Specific Disclaimer

This disclaimer relates to the postpartum care and support and mental health peer support both for in-home (in person) care and Telehealth care.

I am a qualified doula and a mental health peer support person.

For my in person support, I deliver my services at your home or at a location (cafe) that we agree upon during the booking process. I offer a free 1/2hour consult prior to booking any paid sessions. This is to provide both yourself and I to see if we would like to continue and to build trust.. After booking a package, we will organise a time to chat over the phone, in person, or email to map out our sessions and discuss your goals and any concerns. If you need to reschedule a particular session, I require 24 hours notice except in the cases where you or your baby may be ill or otherwise affected by unforeseen circumstances. This will be at my discretion.

Appointments cancelled within a 24 hour period may be forfeited at my discretion.

Because your health is my priority, if I am ill or otherwise unable to attend, I will reschedule your session at a mutually suitable time.

Links to Other Websites

I may provide links to other websites and programs. This does not necessarily imply sponsorship, endorsement, approval, or arrangement between Motherhood Village and the owners of those websites. I take no responsibility for any of the content found on the linked websites. When I link to a third party, I am making a recommendation only and I accept no responsibility for any information or advice provided to you directly by the third party. Content on social media linked to this website may be used as long as I am appropriately credited.

Payment Terms

I accept direct bank transfers.

I accept online payments via Paypal. I do not keep any record of customer credit card details.

My goods and services, as listed on my Motherhood Village Price List, are to be paid up front or via a prearranged payment plan.

I charge in Australian dollars. I am not registered for GST

Returns Policy

For in-home support I offer a full 100% satisfaction guarantee to clients who change their mind within a certain time frame.

If you change your mind and wish to cancel my services, you may do so within 48 hours after booking and paying (deposit or in full). If you change your mind after this time but before your first session, I can offer a 75% refund. After your first session, I do not offer a refund for change of mind.

Consumer Guarantees

If my service is significantly different from what is outlined on my social sites or emails and what we have discussed in terms of your personal care, we will discuss whether there are any potential remedies to the situation.

Jurisdiction and Dispute Resolution

Motherhood Village is located in Queensland and this agreement is subject to the governing laws of QLD and Australia.

If you have any issue or complaint arising out of your use of my services, we agree to make a genuine effort to resolve the dispute through negotiation and discussion.

If we are unable to resolve a dispute by negotiation and discussion within 14 days, the parties must proceed to mediation with the assistance of an accredited mediator who is independent of the parties. The mediator is to be appointed by agreement of the parties or, failing agreement within twenty-one (21) days of the first notification of the dispute, by a person appointed by the Chair of Resolution Institute, (Resolution Institute, email: or the Chair’s designated representative. The Resolution Institute Mediation Rules shall apply to the mediation. We agree to share the costs of mediation equally between us.

Litigation is to be considered a last resort and may not be commenced until, in the opinion of the independent mediator, the potential for negotiation and mediation have been exhausted.

Amendment of Terms

I reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these terms at any time. Please check these terms regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes. I will endeavour to highlight any significant or substantive changes to you where possible. If you choose to use my social sites and services then I will regard that use as conclusive evidence of your agreement and acceptance that these terms govern our rights and obligations to each other.

Motherhood Village Rights and Responsibilities

The role of a Postpartum Professional is to provide emotional and practical support to families when a new baby is born. In order to empower new parents in their choices, a postpartum professional may provide evidence-based information regarding basic baby care and normal breastfeeding. A postpartum professional will always make referrals where appropriate and never gives advice. Please be aware that the generalised information Motherhood Village provides is not a substitute for specialist advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

The role of a Mental Health Peer Support is to provide support and empathy to a client from a lived experience background. Please note that Peer Support is not a replacement for Medical Advice. A peer support worker uses personal experience of mental health to assist others going through a crisis. They communicate their stories skilfully and work with therapists and other mental health professionals to aid their client's recovery.

Medical Disclaimer

The information and services provided by Motherhood Village is not intended or implied as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information, contained on or available through this website is for general information purposes only. Motherhood Village makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained on or available through the site, and such information is subject to change without notice.

You are encouraged to confirm any information obtained from or through Motherhood Village with other sources and review all information regarding any medical condition or treatment with your General Practitioner or Doctor. NEVER DISREGARD PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE OR DELAY SEEKING MEDICAL TREATMENT BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE READ ON OR ACCESSED THROUGH MOTHERHOOD VILLAGE.

Medical Disclaimer Continued

Motherhood Village does not recommend, endorse or make any representation about the efficacy, appropriateness, or suitability of any specific tests, products, procedures, treatments, services, opinions, health care providers, or other information that may be contained on or available through the social media sites or via email.


Always seek the advice of your General Practitioner or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you are in an Emergency please call 000.

Other Helplines Available are:

PANDA National Helpline (Monday to Saturday) 1300 726 306 (Postnatal Anxiety & Depression Help)

Lifeline Australia - 13 11 14 - Crisis Support. Suicide Prevention.

Beyond Blue