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Supporting all Mothers and Parents...
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About us

Motherhood Village Ltd is a Gold Coast charity passionate about supporting local mothers, parents and families by providing peer support services to the community. We provide free perinatal mental health support via group peer support sessions to mothers and parents who have prior or existing perinatal mental ill health, to mothers and parents who are finding the postpartum period difficult or challenging, and to help those that may be feeling isolated or alone in their struggles.

These sessions are delivered in a safe, non-judgemental space and they enable parents to share their story, feel validated and understood, without comparison or judgement. This helps build a sense of belonging, breaking down some of the social stigmas and barriers associated with perinatal mental ill health.

All group sessions are facilitated by a COPE accredited peer support worker who has lived experience with perinatal mental health challenges. Our sessions complement clinical care, enabling a holistic approach to recovery and wellbeing.

We aim to work together with the existing Gold Coast perinatal clinical care facilities such as the Lavender Unit GCUH, Perinatal Psychologists, General Practitioner’s and Women’s Health Clinicians, ensuring parents feel supported in the perinatal and postpartum periods, and into the early parenthood years, following the first 2000 days strategy for wellbeing.

We also provide educational resources for families seeking support during the perinatal period, and enhancing community knowledge on the signs and symptoms of perinatal mental ill health.

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How Peer Support can help your Mental Health

Holistic approach to enhance treatment

Peer Support can be integrated into your treatment plan, to compliment your professional care from your GP and Psychology team. This allows you to have a holistic approach to meet your emotional, psychological, and practical needs.

Bridges the gap between professional sessions

Peer Support sessions can fill the gap during the lead wait time or gaps between appointments for your chosen clinical care.

This allows for a sense of ongoing connection, reduces loneliness and helps you feel supported in between your specialist sessions.

Our group sessions are the perfect safe place to meet other mothers experiencing similar challenges, to share and listen to each unique story, to feel less alone in your own journey.

Why is Motherhood Village Ltd Unique?

Parenthood can be both incredibly wonderful and at the same time incredibly difficult. We believe motherhood (parenthood) is both an innate and a learnt skill, and that it really does take a village to not only raise a child, but that it also takes a village to support the parents.

We offer support for those who are new to parenthood, support to those who are having a difficult time, or who simply need help connecting and building their local support network and care providers. Motherhood Village Ltd was created to help anyone struggling with their mental health in the perinatal period, to be safe place for them to connect and find their village.

Motherhood Village Ltd is most well known for small group perinatal mental health peer support sessions. These are a safe and non judgmental space for anyone finding the perinatal period difficult. They are for the mother or parent who isn’t finding Parenthood to be what they expected, for any parent who is in need of a local village and connection, for any mother or parent facing perinatal mental health challenges or feeling alone…. These sessions are YOUR time to connect with other mothers and parents who are facing similar experiences.

If you are feeling alone in your parenthood journey, or if you need confidence in building your skills and knowledge as a parent, or if you are unsure that what you are feeling or thinking is normal - that is where we come in.

We can help. We can support you, and help you build your village.

Please come along to one of our sessions - we would love to welcome you.

xx Tracey - Founding Director & CEO

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Our Services

"Let us help build you village of support"

Perinatal Mental Health Peer Support

Connecting with other mothers and parents who are experiencing similar challenges in the perinatal period can be immensely beneficial for your wellness.

Our  Peer Support Sessions are designed to provide you with emotional support & a non-judgemental space for you to find some comfort, connection and camaraderie.

This can alleviate feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression, which 1 in every 5 Australian Mothers, and 1 in every 10 Fathers may experience during this time.

We often struggle with feelings of inadequacy or guilt during the perinatal period, particularly if we feel we are unable to meet societal expectations of parenthood.

Supportive relationships, like those that you will find at Motherhood Village Ltd sessions, will help provide you with validation and reassurance that how you are feeling is ok, and normal. We will also acknowledge the real challenges of the perinatal period, and help afirm the incredible job you are doing.

Group Sessions
(Currently Open)

The Perinatal Mental Health Peer Support group sessions are designed to connect YOU the mother or parent with other parents who are facing similar experiences. They are a time to share your stories, to feel validated, to feel heard and understood. It’s a comparison and judgement free space.

The hour session is all about supporting YOU the parent (not a regular mum’s and Bub’s playgroup). You are welcome to bring along your little one, and are equally welcome to come on your own. There is no restriction… If you are pregnant, or if your baby is six weeks, six months or 3 years… everyone is welcomed.

We support mothers and parents in all stages of the perinatal period. These sessions work best as a continued conversation and regular attendance is recommended. The sessions can help complement clinical perinatal care for a holistic approach to recovery and wellbeing.

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Specialist Peer Support Sessions for Dads, Birth Partners, Grief and Loss Support, Pregnancy after Loss Support, LGBTQIA+ Parent Support, IVF & Fertility Support, Professional & Medical Parents Support, Expat and Multicultural Family Support and more.

Village Building Sessions - A more relaxed meet and greet for new mothers and parents to get to know others in our local community.

Village Perinatal Yoga - Gentle peer support perinatal yoga session, relaxed setting. Little ones welcome.

Village Art Circle - Relaxed peer support art sessions for those looking for connection or who do not feel ready to attend the mental health peer support groups

Our Leadership Team

Tracey Tyley - Motherhood Village

Tracey Tyley

Founding Director & CEO

Tracey is a mother of three children aged 4, 5 and 7, with lived experience of postpartum mental ill health. Post recovery she was encouraged to go into mental health peer support work by her perinatal psychologist at the time. Over the last few years Tracey has been volunteering with the Gidget Foundation and raising awareness in the field of perinatal mental health, sharing her story and participating in research forums. Leaning on her background as a professional Accountant and Auditor, Tracey established Motherhood Village to help provide a safe space for Gold Coast mothers to connect with other mothers having similar experiences. Using her own postpartum mental health lived experience, combined with accredited training from COPE and PANDA, Tracey now uses this lived experience to facilitate mental health peer support groups and help other women facing perinatal mental health and challenges in the perinatal period.

Dr Lisa Amey - Motherhood Village

Dr Lisa Amey

Director, Clinical Liaison & Advisor

Lisa graduated with an MBBS from Griffith University in 2010. Since then, she has worked in various capacities clinically within the GCHHS as an Intern, Resident and Paediatric Registrar, as well as within the Gold Coast Community as a General Practitioner Registrar. Over the past eight years, her substantive role has been in senior academic management, as the Phase 3 Lead for Griffith Medical students. Most recently, she commenced as an Assistant Professor at Bond University Medical Program, working to ensure the next generation of medical practitioners continue to provide a culture of safe, effective patient-centred care. Lisa is also a mother of three, who navigated a rocky first pregnancy, with the premature delivery of her first born, compounded by limited local support, with her family living interstate. The perinatal period for her highlighted the need for a village to support the multitude of challenges that go hand in hand with motherhood.

Teall McQueen - Motherhood Village

Teall McQueen

Director, Perinatal Mental Health Advisor

Teall is a Clinical Psychologist and Board Approved Clinical Supervisor with a special interest in Perinatal Psychology. Teall has over a decade of experience working with people from all ages and stages in both the public and private mental health sector. Through having her own children, Teall developed a passion for birth, infants and Matresnce – the journey of becoming a mother. She believes that the transition to parenthood is a hard one – a time of significant change and adjustment. She appreciates the many challenges women and families can face and is passionate about supporting parents through a season of transition.

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We are a peer support only service. If you require clinical medical care, please contact your trusted GP or care provider. If you or somebody you know needs support, please reach out to:
Gidget Foundation Australia (Perinatal Mental Health) Call: 1300 851 758
Need urgent help? The PANDA National Helpline is available (Perinatal Mental Health) 1300 726 306
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13YARN Talk with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Crisis Support Line 24hours/day. 13 92 76
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